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About ‘NUMB’:
In Nazi Germany, at least 10,000 physically and mentally disabled children and adolescents, including orphans, misfits and other ethnic groups were murdered as part of an ideology based on Social Darwinism. For the first time in history, physicians, nurses and midwives killed by lethal injection, gas poisoning or starvation. It predated the genocide of European Jewry by approximately two years. A rehearsal for the planners of the ‘Final Solution’.
‘NUMB’ is a study of the forgotten children of WWII.
Epilogue’s Poster ‘Souvenir des Agneaux’
Magdalene’s Poster ‘The Stars can See’
Chapter III’s Poster ‘The Hungry Death’
Chapter II’s Poster ‘The Poison and Other Stories’
Prologue’s Poster ‘Elvira’
Chapter I’s Poster ‘The Ride’